CDC Pi Weather Station Build

The Creekside Discovery Centre Weather Station

Following the excellent work already done by Romilly Close, who setup the Sheffield Pi Station, I’m now embarking on my own ‘Deptford Pi Station’ at the Creekside Discovery Centre (CDC). The image captures some of the basic hardware I’ve invested in. Added to this will be a ribbon cable and perhaps a breadboard to help connect everything. The Pi will feed the data via ethernet back to a server and onto the web. Everything will be photographed, labeled and uploaded soon. But so far there’s…


Pi Weather Station

Beginnings of the ‘Deptford Pi Weather Station’

When in situ I intend to use Power Over Ethernet (POE) to get everything working. I’m also hoping to include a IP Camera so you can view the conditions in the creek. The weather may be improving at the time of this post but will the water temperature reflect the ambient temperature?

The weather station will be housed in a electrical containment box that’s designed for external use. The lockable box will be branded and located on the river wall where it will be accessible by staff at the CDC.

The Raspberry Pi will be accessible over the web using SSH login.

Assuming all goes well the intention is to add additional sensors and eventually install the same kit at other ecology centres. I am approaching the Greenwich Ecology Centre to see if they’d like me to install a weather station at there site. This should also build a relations between the two centres.

All the data will be publicly available via the Creekside Discovery Centre’s website, which will also show data from other sensors around the country. All code used will be published to my Github account.

The project hardware isn’t expensive as you can see in the project proposal. Hopefully the end result will be an excellent example of citizen science.